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Pharmacy Services


For minor ailments, you may not need to see your GP. You can see your local pharmacist without an appointment. They can give advice about a range of common conditions and minor injuries, such as aches and pains, sore throat, coughs, coldsflu, earache, cystitis and skin rashes. If you need an over-the-counter medicine, the pharmacist can help you choose one. They can also advise you on whether you need to see a GP.

Many pharmacies in this area are part of the Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme, which means that any medicines they recommend for you are supplied by the NHS. If you normally pay for prescriptions, you will only pay the prescription charge (often less than the over-the-counter cost of the medication) and if you are exempt from prescription charges, or have a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) – you won’t pay for the medicine.

Contact your local pharmacy for further details or visit this NHS page for more information about pharmacies.